At BS Consultants we aim to provide you the most cost efficient and reliable renewable energy providers. Our services range from project conceptualization, plant fabrication installation and commissioning to the training of your personnel. An expert contact person will also be on hand for you on each phase of the project.

Project conceptualization: The idea for setting up the plant can originate from the potential client or us.

Feasibility studies:  A highly experienced team will visit your site to collect the necessary data. Any special conditions on site will be dealt with individually.

Planning and design: Our Engineers will advise you and plan with you the optimum installation for your requirements. This is done directly on your premises.

Plant fabrication: During the implementation phase you can wherever possible provide work on your own account under our supervision. The proven structured process we use enables us to set up a plant in a very short period.

Plant commissioning : This takes into account both the technical and biological commissioning. After the project completion, the commissioning and final certification is carried out by an appointed expert.

Maintenance: We attempt to standardise all our plants, this ensures serviceability and a reliable spare parts supply. Our service team will also be on hand for you after completion and commissioning of the plant.

Laboratory services: The laboratory enables us to ensure that we provide you with an optimum fermentation process. This translates to a more stable plant operation. We are also able to advice you on the optimum feeding of your digester.


Transfer Model.

We are willing to participate in any form of business partnership with our clients. Some of the business arrangements that offer an interesting mix of risk and reward for the client as well as for us : 

Design-Build (DB): We design and build the plant to meet the client’s specifications at a fixed cost.

Operation & Maintenance Contract (O&M): We operate and maintain your plant on a contractual basis.

Design-Build-Finance-Operate (DBFO): We design, finance and build the plant; we will then operate it under a lease. At the end of the lease term we will transfer the plant to the client.

Build-Own-Operate (BOO): We fund, build and own the plant in perpetuity.

Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT): We finance, design, build and operate the plant for a specified period after which ownership is transferred to the client.

Buy-Build-Operate (BBO): We buy the client’s asset, upgrade it then operate it for a fixed period of time. When the time period expires, control of the asset is transferred back to the client.

Operation License: We acquire a license to operate a public service for a specified term.

Finance Only: We finance the client’s project directly or indirectly by employing mechanisms such as a long term lease.