Modular Design Services

Design and Engineering

The planning stage is critical to construction, since this is where goals are defined and choices are made. Whether you’re looking to add on to your existing facilities or start from scratch with new construction, our experienced design and engineering professionals will help you create an environment for success. They will work with you to assess your needs and guide you toward smart choices that will satisfy your objectives, maximize your budget and make the most of your site plan.

Construction Management

Construction is a complex process, relying on many trades and skill sets to get the job done right. BS Consultants simplifies construction, dedicating an experienced project team to oversee and control every functional area to keep your project running smoothly from planning through installation. Years of modular design and construction experience, we manage the entire scope of work, coordinating scheduling, controlling costs, minimizing risk and facilitating communication to deliver your project on time and on budget.


We do everything we can to keep costs low and make our modular classrooms, schools and buildings as affordable as possible, but we know that construction is a big investment. We work with your budget, offering a variety of financing alternatives


Description of Modular Design

Modular design describes a situation where a product is organised into a number of assemblies, each one developed to complete a specific function. All assemblies (or modules) interact with each other to carry out the product’s overall purpose. Modular product design is part of a wider theoretical product development topic, known as product architecture.