We are a full service team providing solar design, installation and  lifetime support to all our prospective and existing residential and commercial solar applications including Solar Power (PV), Solar Thermal (Water Heating) and Solar Pool Heating. We both end with both residential and commercial solar systems.



Whether large or small, all solar designs begin with a site survey.   This phase is a vital step in the process as it affects every aspect of the project from design through return on investment.   Onsite visits, in conjunction with aerial imaging tools, are employed to gather site-specific information.


BS Consultants project team ensures a timely and smooth execution of the following:

  • Full solar proposal package
  • Cash flow projections for economic modeling of the project
  • Comprehensive design including review of structural and electrical/mechanical engineered drawings for submittal with permit application packages.
  • Preparation and submittal of utility interconnection application and accompanying documents
  • Procurement of project equipment
  • Final completed system documentation and O&M Manual



Time-in-the-field combined with a vast array of project types as well as formal training, ensures that BS Consultants installer teams have both the experience and technical knowledge to execute a timely and quality installed solar system.